While studying, travelling and working in different jobs I was constantly searching for the right balance for me, but it was difficult to find.

I had too high expectations of myself and was very idealistic. The many global possibilities very overwhelming for me. I didn’t know what the right decisions for me personally were and how I could take them.

I felt overwhelmed, imbalanced and not entirely satisfied and happy with my life. I couldn’t find a balance between activity and passivity. Therefore, I often did too many things at the same time and felt depleted.

All this had a negative effect on my life and especially on the relationships with people around me.

With the help of personal development and especially coaching, I learned a lot more about myself. I learned e.g. to say “no” and that I am highly sensitive.

Overall, I know a lot more not only about myself, but also about people in general, which helps me to create the ideal surrounding for me, in which I can be happy, in balance and productive.  

And most importantly: I got more clarity for my wishes and aims, because I know more about me, who I am and what I want. Therefore, I can now make the right decisions for me quicker and follow my own path.

I am now where I want to be, and I finally dared to become self-employed. I work remote as holistic coach and project manager.

I also learned that freedom is my most important motive in life. When I live accordingly, I feel completer and more fulfilled.


I spend some years abroad, which added to the fact that I feel like a citizen of the world. I love to learn foreign languages and spend time abroad. The next adventure for me will be to spend a year in New Zealand.

In Germany I was recently involved in different associations that implement sustainable project. Sustainability is an overarching concept that is important for me and I try to live accordingly.

Due to my own positive experience with coaching, I would like to support others to get more clarity in their life, to be able to make better decisions for themselves to live a meaningful and happy life.

Sounds interesting?

Impulses for your everyday life

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